Beyond the Classroom

At Hayes Park School we seek to ensure that the National Curriculum is delivered to all children, regardless of social background, race, gender, disability or differences in ability. All are entitled to the development of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes. To enrich the curriculum for our children, we also offer a wide range of educational visits and other activities that add to what they learn in school.  All educational visits and activities support and enhance the work we do in school. There are also a number of people who visit the school to support our work. Some visits relate directly to areas of learning for individual classes, whilst others relate to all our children.  All of these opportunities are in addition to each child’s statutory education.

Hayes Park School has a strong and distinctive tradition of providing children with these learning opportunities. Learning outdoors and undertaking educational visits provide memorable opportunities to investigate and experience the wider world at first hand. In the process young people develop independence, self-confidence and responsibility that combine with new knowledge to impact positively on standards achieved in the classroom.