Eco Dome

The grand opening of our Solardome® rainforest was on Wednesday 26th June! It was attended by a number of guests, and officially opened by the Worshipful The Mayor of Hillingdon, Councillor Allan Kauffman.

But just because the dome is in place doesn't mean our fundraising efforts are finished - the dome has been built, the seating is done, some of the planting is done, but we still need other bits and pieces to make it work as a rainforest. For example, we have some great food crops growing in the 'cleared rainforest' section of our dome, but need to create the infrastructure for more plants to grow, provide shade for the hot sunny days, and consider what to do with our ponds, to name just a few things. 

So far, events such as Green Week, Bags2School, and donations from Nestlé and Tesco have helped raise much-needed funds but we need more.

We're collecting shoes, and get £5 each time our bag is collected and there are other easy ways to help our funds. Our fund is growing, thanks to both and, our very own search facility. Use them, and watch our eco fund grow.

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