Local Police
Dear residents,
My name is Rob Parrin and I am a Sergeant on Inspector Andy Lewis' team here in the east of the Borough. As well as my responsibilities as a ward Sergeant I have been asked to take a look at the Crime Prevention strategy for the neighbourhood.
Over the last few weeks I have been looking at motor vehicle crime in all its guises. I have identified a number of hotspots and I have pulled together a strategy to make best use of our limited resources to bear down on it where we can. Part of this strategy is to raise awareness of both the problem, and, more importantly perhaps, what we can all do to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of these crimes.
  • Always lock your vehicle and use an Alarm and Immobilizer. Motor cycles should have a disk lock fitted and be secured with a ground anchor. 
  • Always protect your keys, never leave a running vehicle unattended and place your keys and any vehicle documents out of sight in your home. 
  • Steering wheel locks or wheel clamps are also recommended. 
  • Fitting locking wheel nuts will reduce the likelihood of wheels and tyres from being stolen. 
  • Tamper resistant screws will prevent your number plates being stolen. 
  • All items should be taken with you or removed from open view and placed in the boot. 
  • Consider having your car or bike security marked with one of the recommended methods or fitted with a tracking device.   
  • When driving in slow moving traffic activate your central locking and keep your windows up and your handbag or valuables down in the footwell. 
  • When parking try to leave your vehicle in a safe place that is managed with security staff, good lighting, and CCTV surveillance – for a list of Police approved parking places please visit British Parking Association 
  • Please take note of this advice where you can, and could I prevail on you to forward it to your friends and neighbours at your first opportunity.