Our Curriculum


Our curriculum aims to…

·        Develop the core skills to be literate, numerate, sociable, ICT literate, healthy and have an understanding of the world.

·        Promote pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

        Provide children with a progressive development of key subject skills

·        Interest and enthuse our children to learn.

·        Provide life-long learning skills.

·        Provide life skills to become a future citizen.



Our Approach

Our curriculum is organised into themes which start with a big question or a big idea.  Subjects are identified to be included in the theme with a clear purpose and output.  Themes often begin with a ‘hook’ or learning experience to trigger interest and engage the children. Opportunities to apply English (including speaking and listening), Mathematics and Computing skills are utilised whilst the key core subject knowledge and skills for that theme are taught separately.  Some subjects or topics are taught in isolation on a weekly basis, whereas the main theme for the term may cover several weeks and is taught in a block.

PSHE & Citizenship, Economic Well Being, Enterprise and Eco-Awareness are embedded through our themes. By studying these subjects we aim to help our young people become aware of the issues in the world around them and to prepare them with the social and economic skills they will need for their future roles.


If you wish to find out more information about the curriculum, please contact the school office who will direct you to a member of staff who can assist you with your enquiry.

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