Parent Consultation Group

The Parents/Carers Consultation Group meets every half term and consists of representatives from each year group. The aim of the group is to forge the partnership between the school and parents, for the benefit of our pupils.

Our current representatives for 2016/2017 are:

 Nursery:Sarbjeet Matharu, Shaveta Punj, Hamjotpreet Singh
 Butterflies: Julie Khan
 Dragonflies: Rajpreet Kaur, Kirsty Flavin, Annalea Rickwood
 Ladybirds:Kam Gill
 1BM: Jaspal Tank
 1J: Jeevatharani Jeevakumar
 1H: Mrs Ranaweera, Andrea Wilder
 2A: Linda Birkorang
 2U:  Jasmin Doggrell
 3DA: Jeevatharani Jeevakumar, Andrea Wilder, Mrs R Mathialagan
 3G: Mrs J Thavamohan, Gajinder Singh, Jasmeet Lakman
 3P: Mrs Ranaweera, Asil Mohamed, Tahira Khanum
 4R:  Sukhi Virdee
 4T: Jasmin Doggrell, Andrea Wilder, Shemailah Syed
 5B: Laeeqa 
 5T: Jo Hackley, Mrs Ithayananthakumaran
 5Q: Asil Mohamed, Kirsty Flavin
 6AR: Gaginder Singh
 6L: Bella Bawa
 6C: Jasmin Doggrell


This year's meetings are to be held on:

Tuesday 11th October 2016

Tuesday 29th November 2016

Tuesday 24th January 2017

Tuesday 14th March 2017

Tuesday 16th May 2017

Tuesday 4th July 2017

If you would like to raise a topic for discussion or are interested in joining the group, please see your class/year group representative or, alternatively, email us at

The School

Hayes Park is a Foundation School located within the London

Borough of Hillingdon. We are a co-educational day school with

Nursery, Infant and Junior departments.

In September, 1999, we became a Foundation School. This status

enables the Governing Body to establish the long-term aims of the

school, appoint high-quality staff and manage the budget


Governors, staff and parents/carers work together to ensure that

the quality of education provided for the children in our care is of

the highest order.

The Clerk to the Governing Body may be contacted through the

school office.