School Council

How do you become a member of the School Council?

Our School Council was started in September 1999. It comprises of at least one representative from each class and two members of the teaching staff. Pupils nominate themselves for the vote by presenting their key strengths to the class. An election then takes to decide who joins the council early in the Autumn term.

Why do we have a School Council?

The School Council was established as a means to give the children a voice in how the school is organised and an opportunity to make changes in areas they feel they can develop further. They have a small budget to spend in the way they think is best, but can raise money by schemes of their own. There are regular meetings and the council’s opinions and ideas are regularly sought after on various whole school projects. For example, in the past, they helped our school develop our adventure playground and also organised a homework competition to raise money for Red Nose Day.

Eco Council

What does the Eco Council do?

Zero Waste Project

Hayes Park has been selected as a pilot for The Zero Waste Project in Hillingdon. By April 2010 we needed to reduce our waste by 10%. The Year 6 School Council Members undertook an audit and found most of our waste comes from food. Hot Dinners We are trying to encourage children to only select food that they are going to eat and not to waste it. The motto is ‘Eat It!’ ‘Don’t Bin It!’

Packed Lunches

Children are encouraged to take home left over food and packaging, so that parents can see their children are not eating and adjust portions accordingly.

The motto is ‘Me Size Portions!’

Please help us meet our 10% target by:

  • Reducing packaging in lunch boxes
  • Using re-usable containers for drinks, sandwiches etc
  • Checking that lunch waste is brought home
  • Discussing ‘The Eat It!’ Don’t Bin It!’ message