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Hayes Park School

Eco Council

At Hayes Park School, we offer children the opportunity to participate in our Eco-Council. Hayes Park School’s Eco-Council is attended by children from years 3- 6. At the beginning of each academic year, the children are asked to make a poster or speech explaining why they would like to be a member of the Eco-Council and to share any eco ideas they may already have. This gives all children in KS2 an opportunity to apply if they would like to.  Each class then holds a democratic vote to select their representative. We then elect 3 members per year group which means we have a total of 12 children who make up the team.

Once the team has been selected, it is their job to meet up regularly to discuss eco-friendly and environmental issues within school. This is a great opportunity for children to discuss current local, national and global issues and helps to prepare them for their future adult lives. This year, the team has already been elected and meetings have begun.

We are currently working towards receiving an official Eco School Bronze Award. In order to achieve this, we have had to review where we are currently at as a school in many different areas. This is part of something called an ‘Environmental Review’.

Here is a photo that shows part of the environmental review which we have been working on. This will indicate to us which areas we need to focus in on. Once these areas have been identified we will be developing an action plan and coming up with ideas that the children can implement. We really hope that we are all able to work together to make a difference to our community and the planet we live on.