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Hayes Park School


As ever, pupils, parents and staff say it best:


Pupils (from questionnaire 2024)

'This school makes me brave' 

'This school is the best.  If I had to move schools, I would say no!'

'This school has done well in having someone to speak to when I am worried.  I can also walk Wilma, the school dog.'

'All of the teachers are VERY kind and care about what we say.' 

'This school makes us persevere and be respectful.  I love how when we are in tough situations they are always there to support us.'


Parents/Carers (from questionnaire 2024)

‘Brilliant facilities and opportunities for my child at HPS.  Excellent communication.  The most important thing for us as parents is that the children enjoy school and that is most definitely the case here.'

‘I am extremely impressed with HPS.  My child is so happy and has wonderful teachers.  My older children went to a different local primary school and the difference in teachers and quality communication is vast - thank you.'’

 ‘HPS is vibrant and colourful.  Teachers are very supportive and my child feels happy and safe.’

‘Since joining the school in year 4, my child has come out of her shell and loves talking about her day (something that never happened in the old school!).’

‘We are very proud to send our children to HPS.  We couldn't be happier with the school.  Teachers are caring and responsive.  Communication is excellent and copious.  The environment is safe and enriching.  The standard of education offered here is very high indeed.  Pupils are offered a wide range of opportunities and experiences.  It feels like there is a very thoughtful reasoning behind all aspects of school life and we do not take that for granted.



 Staff (from questionnaire 2024)

‘Hayes Park School focuses on creating a safe and supportive environment not only for the children, but also for the staff.  It is well managed by setting clear, achievable goals and expectations that are well thought through’

‘Expectations are high which makes everyone perform to a high standard.'

‘I am proud to come to school each day and call myself a member of staff at HPS.  All staff are friendly; we are a team!  Leaders are mindful and care about workload.  This is a fabulous place to work and equally, a fantastic place to send your children.'