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Being in school and having the best attendance possible underpins all the many benefits of school for your child, such as their learning, wellbeing and wider development. For some children we acknowledge that attending school every day will be harder than for others. This is why here at Hayes Park are committed to working in partnership with our  families to solve problems and support your child’s school attendance.

As parents we ask that you are aware that the government expects your child to be in school for a minimum of 96% of the school year.

In the rare case that this is not possible please ensure that you:

  • Notify us by 9am on the day of any absence
  • Make appointments outside school hours, where possible, and give evidence of appointments made
  • Are aware a request for exceptional leave will need to meet a set of requirements and that you must provide evidence
  • Are aware that any term time holidays will not be authorised and will be referred for a fine in line with government guidance

Please speak to the attendance office if your child is struggling to come for any reason as we have a range of support we can offer including:

pastoral support, transition groups, access to our learning mentor, support from Wilma the school dog and much more.


School Attendance - Guidance for Parents

Click here to see the attendance policy.