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At Hayes Park School, we are committed to enabling all children to access education successfully. This is an inclusive process; part of this commitment is concerned with establishing a high standard of behaviour throughout the school. The way in which pupils and adults behave has a profound effect on all the work that is undertaken. Therefore, a well thought out approach to this aspect contributes directly to both the social and learning aspects of our school.

Working in partnership with you is important across all aspects of school life and behaviour is no exception. In order for you to support your child with their behaviour it is important that we communicate successes and concerns with you clearly.

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We recognise that high standards are best promoted when everyone (staff, parents/carers and children) have a shared understanding of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.


By promoting good behaviour through our S.O.R.T code, we can build individual and collective esteem and encourage good personal relationships.

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